Lets Team up

B-Hyves seek to team up with people and businesses who see an opportunity to make a difference in software solutions to address business Processes.

We can team up in many ways. This could be setting up an entirely new ISV from scratch or by setting up a joint venture over a new idea from an existing software company or an existing software company that may need to migrate to a newer technology with an existing solution with the objective of gaining greater market and building sustainability.

We believe that the B-Op Ecology maximizes the cross selling potential of software products and are looking to partner ISVs to take them even further.

What do we typically look for in ventures that we invest?

A few scenarios may explain this best.

  1. Scenario 1

    You are a business owner and can’t find a 100% Matching Software for your needs!

    If we understand that your case is not unique, we are more than glad to set up a shared ISV, which will develop software that is perfect for you. All we need to understand before doing so, is that the problem of business process setup which you wish to address, is not unique – so that the ISV we create together, can sell its solutions to other companies in the same situation as you are.

  2. Scenario 2

    You believe you have a great idea for Software

    You have entrepreneurial spirit and have solid knowledge of the business area your idea relates to? You lack development power, sales network or money to get your idea flying?

  3. Scenario 3

    You are a software business focusing on Business Process Solutions

    If you are looking for a co-investor to enrich and enhance your software with new technologies or migrate your software to a new platform that would support cloud and on-premise installation, all at the same time.

    B-Hyves can help you achieve all of these aims, with capital, technical and project management expertise and opportunities in global markets.

How are Co-operations Typically created?

A few scenarios may explain this best.

  1. 1. Identification Phase

    As we look for good ideas, we are happy to hear from you on how you may have solved a particular business process issue. Our question would then be are you willing to solve this in a Joint Venture format with us ? If what we hear makes sense and we believe we can work as partners we will then work together towards creating a business plan.

    This could start with something as simple as you sharing a short description of your idea. If we find that interesting we can help you with the next steps.

  2. 2. Building a Business Plan

    Once we have understood how our idea works we will invite you to share a business plan. If you don’t have one, we’ll support you in building one. At the end of this step we together will have a plan for which we can start triggering an investment decision.

  3. 3. Investment Decision

    After we have found belief in the Ides and the Business plan we can evaluate the investment decision. B-Hyves may invest by itself or look for co-investors as the need may be.

  4. 4.Development Phase

    The Business plan would surely lay out the roadmap for the development phase. B-Hyves have proven global capabilities to offer technological expertise, development support, and project management skills either on a need basis or as part of the plan when needed. This is the big difference from having a ‘Plain-Vanilla’ investor as your partner. Things stay on track, this way.

  5. 5.Sales Initialization Phase

    This is a critical period in the life of your venture. Fortunately, in B-Hyves you will have a partner with proven experience to hold your hand.

  6. 6. Business Scaling Phase

    Most businesses falter and fade at this stage. This requires a matrix of resources and experience, some of which could be domain specific. A lot of it is specific to the IT industry. In B-Hyves, you have a partner that has both the skill and the capital resources to support you through this phase and understands the life cycle of the business.

What advantages does a co-operation with B-Hyves bring?

Local B-Hyves support B-Op Joint Ventures with:

  • Project Management Know-How

    Every B-Hyve has partner companies, which have acquired qualified IT-Project Management Staff. These Project Managers are also a good resource pool for our joint ventures. It is not uncommon that after the B-Op venture has launched successfully, a part of these teams moves into executive positions of the new ventures.

  • Development Power

    B-Hyves have exclusive access to B-Software Plants. These are near-shoring companies, which build development teams at very reasonable prices for the new Joint Ventures. After the B-Op venture starts to achieve success and stability the development team can be taken into the Joint Venture to give the Joint Venture maximum level of independence.

  • Marketing Know-How

    Each B-Hyve company has a network of marketing companies, which can support B-ventures during their growth process. B-Hyves also employ own staff with marketing expertise, which can support B-Ventures right from the start.

  • Fundraising Know-How and Partners

    Typically B-Hyves invest in Early stage ideas and bring them to develop a products and the first customers. Once this point is reached we will support the B-Ventures with access to our network of investment firms to acquire enough money to finance expansion strategies.

  • Money

    We know that our knowledge has had very beneficial effect on the development of Ideas. Its vast potential when paired with your idea will tremendously increase the chances of success. We are willing therefore to invest not only our know-how and skills but also our money into B-Op based ideas.

  • Exchange platform for B-Ventures

    B-Venture entrepreneurs have the chance to exchange their knowledge with peers across the B-Op world on a regular basis. Regular meetings of B-Venture stakeholders can be a major Knowhow exchange.